About Us

We are Mark and Peggy Litherland (and Samson) and as of November 15, 2016 we are on the road full time in our Newmar Ventana…things just got real.  We are most definitely not retired, working with our cloud software company, CPGToolbox, and helping our customers from all over the world.  Our “front yard” changes on a regular basis and we like it that way.


Mark has been in the IT/Software business most of his professional life, having started out as a network technician and worked his way up to collaborative application development – early on with Lotus Notes/Domino and then he drank the Salesforce.com kool-aid.  Now he designs and builds applications for the CPG industry using the Salesforce App Cloud platform.  He loves racing, golf and travel and wants to see as much of this world as he can.

Peggy is a financial guru and accounting expert, who started out as an accountant in the trade show and exhibit business at a family-oriented company called IDEAS.  She has been a controller, financial advisor, and currently runs the operations side of CPGToolbox.  She’s also a loving Mom to two wonderful kids who aren’t so little any more (hi Daniel and Miranda!), a fantastic chef, loves to travel and experience new things.

Samson is a German Shepherd trapped in a Basset Hound body, best of several breeds and master of all he surveys.   He likes long walks and fresh flowers, and has never met a stranger.  Most of all, he’s the boss around here and he knows it.