Rain! South Georgia and the Tusnami

The south has been in dire need of rain for months now, and boy has the Gulf of Mexico decided to make itself known.  We left our beautiful mountain hideaway a couple days ago, and drove 200 miles south in the rain to our next stop – a small resort in South GA called Wanee Lake between Ashburn and Sylvester.  The drive was surprisingly easy, with the Newmar comfort drive set to 6 and the wipers running, we cruised along without a problem at 60-65mph.  It is nice to be able to stop at a rest stop, have lunch in your own kitchen, and hit the road again whenever you’re ready to go.

Since we’ve been trapped inside our Newmar Ark for the last couple days, I don’t really have a review of Wanee yet, but the folks checking us in were very nice.  We’re staying here because it’s in the area we want to be in for Christmas, and because golf is included in the very reasonable site fees (full hookup too!).  But considering the current state of the swamp around us, I think it will be a few days before I can play a round.  I’ll post something about that once I actually get to swing a club. Our new neighbors Ron and Claire are retired and have been full timing for 16 years.  They have offered lots of suggestions and helpful hints regarding workamping.   Traveler is their baby is a herding dog and he and Samson have become instant friends.

Somewhere between 4-6″ of rain has fallen around here in the last couple days, and our Ark has been a dry, warm and comfortable place to hide out.  The Verizon coverage here is excellent and I’m able to work just like I need too.  In fact the last two days I’ve been starting at 3am to work with new customers in Europe, switching gears around lunchtime to work with US-based customers.  It’s a long few days, but that’s the life of a business owner.  Since we are surrounded by a swamp at the moment, it makes sitting inside here a little more bearable.  It’s also days like this when I’m glad we have the Sony theater system in here, although I think our neighbors might not appreciate Gandalf’s battle with the Balrog.

But now about 10am the sun has come out and I think we will emerge into the light after the crazy storms. We decided to “go into town” for lunch at Fat Boys BBQ in Sylvester GA. Place was packed with locals and no open tables. There was a couple sitting at a four top and they asked us to join them. We had a really great time talking with Hank, Jane, and their son Josh, and when lunch was over Hank picked up the check! I tried insisting on paying our portion but he said Merry Christmas!… I thanked him and promised to pay it forward. Great day meeting wonderful people.


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