Christmas in Thomasville

After a great two weeks at Wanee Golf and RV in Ashburn, GA, we made our way to Thomasville, GA to spend the holidays with Mark’s mom Janet.  We were really excited because our kids had time off work and came down for the weekend.  This was the first time in several years that we have been all together at Janet’s house so it made it extra special.  I enjoyed cooking the holiday meal for the clan.  Since I don’t bake, I cheated and bought carrot cake and chocolate pie from The Bread Wagon down the way. They specialize in Amish and Mennonite made products. Yummy.  Christmas day was just a relaxing time with gorgeous warm weather.  In the evening all of us sat outside and watched movies including a Star Wars marathon.  (RIP Carrie Fisher) and of course plenty of football.


Our visit included the normal trips to the YMCA where our friend Wayne was always there to greet me with a smile and cheerful conversation.  Thursday nights were Bingo, Mark won a whopping $45!  Of course as always, the ride thru Flowers to see all the Christmas lights.  They had some new ones this year.  A neighborhood close by had organized a special luminary lighting on Christmas Eve at 6pm.  I think the whole town was driving thru.  Unfortunately, the rain god produced a flood and extinguished all the candles about five minutes to six.  We were disappointed but I’m sure the participants were even more so….maybe next year.   One new addition was meeting Janet’s bowling group.  We had fun bowling next to them for the afternoon.  Mark is a skilled bowler. Me, not so much.  Maybe it was a lack of beer?  or just bumpers.

We had a nice evening meal at Ruby Tuesday’s with Janet’s neighbors Ken and Diana.  They are really great people and Ken gave us pointers on what to see at our next location, Fort Pickens. Ken is retired Air Force so he is a wealth of information.  It is comforting to know that such wonderful people are close by to help if Janet needs anything.

The town of Thomasville has a rich history and is experiencing a renaissance like many other county seats.  We tried a new restaurant called SOHO-“Southern Looking East” is their tagline.  The food was an excellent mixture of southern dishes with asian fusion.  The collard greens were particularly good.  We had a great time visiting and of course we will be back.

Now, off to Florida!


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