James Island SC

It has been too long since our last post.  Things have been really crazy with work…in a good way.

So we decided to head towards Charleston SC to spend some time with family.  I have an aunt and several cousins in Summerville not too far outside of town.  This place sure brings back lots of childhood memories for me.  My mother was born in Harleyville SC (again not too far away) and we would always come to spend Christmas and Fourth of July on Kiawah Island.  But with as many times as I have been to Kiawah, Folly Beach and Downtown Charleston, I have never stopped on James Island or gone to the county park here. James Island Park

Wow. That is the word for this place.  Close to everything: shopping restaurants,  yes but the park includes: beautiful walking trails, biking, rock climbing wall, splash park, huge playground, and by far the biggest and coolest dog park I have ever seen!  Samson is in heaven here. He does ok hanging with the younger pups but he is starting to show his age. He did shock us by actually following another dog into the water. He doesn’t “do” water.samson

The fishing dock is a wonderful place to catch the sunset. Although the “no see ums” are brutal once the sun goes down.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with southern bugs, these are tiny winged vampires that you really can’t see and they bite the crap out of you.


The RV sites are all large level gravel and full hook up (yay for long showers).  They have a great store and the people are very friendly.  Being a southerner, I would expect no less 🙂

Our first night my cousin Kelly and Bruce came down and took us to a great place near Folly Beach. Bowens Island  Its an old fishing house built in 1946. The atmosphere is super casual.  There was a line that went from the cash register, all the way out the door, and down a long switch back boardwalk.  The food was of course fried (southerns are great at  this) and wonderful shuck yourself oysters.bowens

Again we caught a beautiful sunset as we were waiting in line outside.  Did I mention it was FREEZING this place has no heat …yet the line continued to grow.  A good sign….Mark and I split the “Big ‘ol Seafood Platter”.  It had fish, shrimp, crabcakes, slaw, and hushpuppies. We still brought enough home for lunch the next day!


We were only supposed to stay for a week but have decided to extend our stay. More time to see my Aunt and Cousins.  Mark will get a chance to go into town over the weekend.





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