Roaming the Southeastern US

I’m still looking for a decent way to overlay our travels on a map that doesn’t involve massive programming headaches.  But for now a simple list of places on Google Maps will have to do.  As of today we’ve traveled almost 2,000 miles just in the southeast, roaming the land we both grew up in.  We’re in James Island Campground just outside of Charleston right now (I love this town!), headed back to Independence RV in Winter Garden FL on Saturday for our first service appointment.

From the pickup at Independence back in October 2016, to James Island today, it’s been a great learning experience.  We’ve gotten a lot better at managing the RV and getting organized in a much smaller space.  Samson is doing just fine, and we are able to keep our business going without any issues at all.  We travel only on the weekends so we can stay at work during the week, and we have limited our driving to mostly the main highways.  Hopefully we’ll branch out a bit more soon.

Not bad for the first three months!



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