Wait, Did you say Diamonds?

Our first sight seeing excursion was this past Saturday.  Mammoth cave is a National Park and cave tours are all by reservation only. We didn’t have any 😦  It turns out there are also plenty of privately run caves as well. Yay!  Looking at the choices we chose Diamond Caverns discovered in 1859.  We arrived about 45 mins before the tour and purchased our tickets.  IMG_3196

Of course there is ALWAYS the ubiquitous gift shop. Lots of stone and gem artwork. Some unique, some not so much.  I did find the PERFECT thing for my friend Jenn Stancil.  Once I sent the photo, she said: “I must have it!”IMG_6912

I think it will be enough to lure her and Rick here for a weekend in June. Fingers Crossed.

This cave system is one of the prettier ones mostly in part to colorful calcite.  When the cave was first stumbled upon they thought they had found a diamond mine! As luck would have it, it was not.

The tour lasted about an hour. Our guide Tristan was a very witty, energetic young man with a wealth of knowledge not only of the caves history, but the geology.  It was fascinating. The part I found most interesting was a portion of the cave that had been used for weddings in decades past.   Reverend Elwood A. Rowsey was a previous owner of the cave and also a Methodist preacher.  He had a small altar built and performed services there.


With the cave tour concluded, we decided to run back to the house,  get Samson, and explore some of the hiking trails in Mammoth Park.

We didn’t go far today.  The Green River bluffs trail is only 1.3 miles. So we did get to see the Green River up close.  The weather was beautiful and Samson got to do his favorite thing.  So blessed to have such a great guy to spend my life with…and Mark isn’t bad either.

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