Road Trip maps

So I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for a decent trip map that is somewhat interactive and allows me to put all of our waypoints in.  Google itself doesn’t work because it limits you to 10 waypoints per layer, and if you import then just sticks pins on the map.  Other solutions will allow lots of waypoints, but then draw straight lines between points.  We aren’t birds; I want to see the actual road trip mapped out.

Some folks have come up with very complex solutions for this that are pretty slick, but I’d prefer something simple that is clicks-not-code.

I just found OptiMap, which is an integration with Google maps and allows as many waypoints as you can paste in.  Then it lays on a route based on your preferences – most efficient, fastest time, or simply the order you entered them.  This is more like it, giving me a road-trip layout of our travels so far.  It’s still not perfect, because ideally I’d like to simply add destinations to our log and have the map automatically update, and then just display here on our blog.  But since I already keep a trip log in Excel, it’s a simple matter to paste in our list of destinations and generate a map.

Here are two examples.  First, our travels as of today here in Cave City, KY.  Then I added one more destination, our next stop at the Newmar factory in Nappanee, IN.

Being a cloud developer and integration expert myself, I can really appreciate when someone creates a simple tool to solve a problem.  This is a really nice example of filling in a gap that Google missed.  Now I have to figure out how to put this on the blog home page!


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