Tunnel of Trees

With our next big travel day to Wisconsin approaching we knocked off work a couple of hours early on Friday and went for a drive to see some more of Michigan.  Since we will be heading north around the UP we decided on a southwest direction for the evening towards a small town called Harbor Springs skirting water from Sturgeon Bay to Little Traverse Bay. The drive was relaxing for Mark and a much-needed break from work.  We still can’t get over how BIG these lakes are.  I guess that’s why they call them the “Great Lakes?” We stopped once to get our feet wet and Samson needed a walk.

We continue our drive and reach a stretch dubbed the Tunnel of Trees.  While a pretty, winding road, it has nothing on the live oak, spanish moss covered, canopy roads we have down south.  I can say the weather up here in the summer is MILES better! As we round a corner we spotted a small lemonade stand.  You MUST always stop when a kid is showing that kind of entrepreneurship.  We stop and paid our $1 for two tasty cold cups of pink lemonade and chatted with the three of them for a moment.

We had been told by a fellow camper that there was a great farm to table bistro/winery/brewery called Pond Hill Farm.  We found it easily and stopped for a bite. Plus they are dog friendly! Finally!  Up the stairs to the outdoor deck, we ordered two custom drafts and a veggie snack tray.

We continued the drive towards Harbor Springs.  The weirdest thing began to happen. Our bright sunny day all the sudden turned very strangely grey and clouds of fog began to roll off the lake onto the road.  It only lasted about 15 mins but it was really odd!


We arrived in Harbor Springs around dinnertime.  Buffy and Biff have nothing on these people. I think everyone in this yacht community was “dressed” and out for dinner.   When we asked if there were any dog friendly cafes with outdoor seating, we were snarled at with growls of “health department violators” etc.  So, yeah, we didn’t stay long….. Shame, the town was lovely…the people, not so much.



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