Ice! In Pensacola Beach??

Apparently we live in the Rain Cloud.

Yesterday was the third monsoon we’ve been in since we picked up the coach!  Wanee Lake, the day we arrived here in Pensacola Beach (Fort Pickens campground actually, it’s a wonderful place), and yesterday/last night.  Our site was surrounded by a lake in the middle of the night, but apparently some polar vortex landed here and brought temps from the frigid north, because we are listening to surf, feeling the sunshine, while it’s 29 degrees outside!  With ice outside!  In Pensacola Beach??


Samson doesn’t seem to mind.  It’s still his world to pee on.

The wind is really amazing, blew like crazy last night and is still going this morning as I write this.  After watching about 20 minutes of an incredibly bad Oz adaptation called Emerald City, I thought we were headed to Oz ourselves.  Hard to believe it will be 75 degrees in two days.

Hot Dogs and Tater Tots was a great dinner when it’s cold and windy.



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