The Great Gatsby

Fort Pickens was amazing but now…onward.  In case you are wondering WHY two born and raised folks are spending so much time in the new nomad life in the south?  Well…we are waiting for our daughter to ship out to Parris Island for Marine Boot Camp.  We would never miss it.  So I’m still looking for site jobs to pay for the sites in the SE until she goes 1/30 and graduates in May (theoretically).  Anywho…..

We arrived yesterday at Capital City RV Park just north of  Montgomery, AL.

This is a very well maintained family owned facility.  The people here are very nice and helpful.  Big sites with Crepe Myrtles  and grass between each.  And YAY! Full hook ups! for $20/day.   That means…endless hot showers! For this week anyway.  Nothing like not having something to make you really enjoy the small things.

Mark and I ventured out for a brief time Sunday to grab some lunch and see the Fitzgerald Museum.  Thanks to Yelp..(what did we do before this? other than pay $ for bad food).  We found a small place Sinclair’s in downtown.

It was busy with the Sunday crowd…honestly making me feel a little guilty for not attending a service anywhere. We asked for a small table on the patio.  It was 80 degrees on Jan 15th! why not sit outside?  Their “She Crab Soup” was wonderful!

We headed down the street to the Fitzgerald Museum.  As it happened, we got there just as a tour was beginning.  The guide was a theater student volunteer and gave an informative tour. I always thought F. Scott Fitzgerald was very “rich”.  Maybe because we were made to read his novel in high school? Anyway, he was not.  the couple had come from money but lived life as gypsies.  Never living anywhere more than months at a time.

What I found more interesting was their relationship.  It is almost like they were in competition with each other. Writing thinly veiled life stories of their lives as novels. Zelda was also a painter.  I can say I don’t think a “gifted” painter but she was true to the period.  Very Art Deco.  Sadly, Zelda suffered from mental illness and Scott was an alcoholic.  That ultimately took a toll on the marriage.  She died in a mental hospital, and he died of a heart attack. Which sounded more like kidney failure to me but I only play a doctor on TV.

Their only daughter Scottie made it her life’s work to have her parents “remembered”.  Even though the family never spent much time in Montgomery Scottie always considered it home.  This is a great place to spend a couple of hours and capture a bit of Americana.


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