Camp Newmar

Well we have officially left our temporary Kentucky home. Jeff, Sharon, Jimmy, Julie, and Sandy gave us a nice send off.  Jeff took us all out to Mark’s favorite BBQ joint and we had a great dinner together.  Next morning up and out early.  Jeff was on the porch waving goodbye 😦

Onward!  We have an appointment at the Newmar factory in Nappanee, IN for a few small warranty items. The “camp” has only a few FHU sites so we are hoping to get there early enough on Saturday to snag one for the week.  The drive was nice, with the exception of HWY 31 2487EB62-0C00-4F5A-99A0-04790F9B907C.jpgman they need to finish that road!  The weather was perfect for a long haul.  I’ve never been to Indiana before so it was cool to see somewhere different. Here is the Abraham Lincoln bridge from Louisville: IMG_7657.JPG We arrived about 2:30 and SCORE the last FHU site!

We spent the balance of Saturday meeting our new neighbors. Of course most of the talk surrounding why each is there and what they are having done to the rigs.  I enjoy listening to stories of their travels and adventures.  Most everyone we have met here are full timers.

Sunday morning Mark and I ventured out into the small town of Nappanee.  Like most small country towns, they roll up the sidewalks on Sunday so we didn’t get to see any stores or shops.  They do have “cartoonists”.  I must say, like dolls these figures really creeped me out. They are human sculptures just located randomly around town. Keep in mind, these are only a few examples, and the town is TINY!

There were also lots of historical and well preserved merchant signage.  The tag line for Nappanee is “Embrace the Pace”.

Well enough site seeing, we need to find some refreshment.  Yelp to the rescue.  Only things open on Sunday are in Goshen about 20 mins away.  Find  highly rated Goshen Brew House and are on the way.  We are finding it more difficult to find dog friendly restaurants and pubs the farther north we go.  I hope that changes as we head through middle America, but truthfully, I’m not too optimistic.  We arrive and they have 7 craftmade on tap.  I recommend the Imperial Stout 🙂

It has been a very relaxing day but time to head home.  We have to be up at 5am every day for the next week. The rig needs to be ready and aired up by 6am for the techs to come pick it up and take her to service.

This is a large Amish community and they are true to the “early to bed, early to rise” mantra.  Very friendly, professional, and helpful. Our tech Ben was great.  Consistently there 6am on the dot every day.   We could not have been happier with the level of service and completion time.  Still never could get used to seeing hitching posts at the grocery store.


After a week, the rig is done tomorrow (Saturday) we head to parts unknown.  Mark has been to Indiana and lower Michigan before on business.  Once we pass Kalamazoo….we BOTH start to see things new! Mackinaw City, MI he we come.


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