Mackinaw City and The Toothbrush

357 miles later and we are in Mackinaw City, MI staying at Camp Mackinaw.  This place is enormous! Our site is amazing and the view even more so.  Only one small problem…

We get to our site, do our usual set up routine. Uh oh… “Mark, there is some kind of electrical hum coming from the front basement area”.  This has never happened before.  So we disconnect shore power and redo the whole set up again, check the AC converter, fuses, disconnect house and  chassis batteries   Still a hum…. well crap! How can that be? We have literally killed all the power, to and in the coach.  This is not possible!  So we call Newmar AND Freightliner chassis after hours for help.  They both said the same.  You have done everything we would suggest, don’t know what it could be.  So Mark stays busy rechecking fuses.  I got back to the bay making all the noise and start to unload all our storage.  There is a screwed in panel and I was going to remove it to see what was behind.  So I get to the back of the bay where we have a 20lb bag of dog food stored.  I grab the bag and the whole thing is vibrating.  As I remove the bag, I begin to laugh hysterically.  Mark, come here…you are NEVER going to believe this.

We have a cleaning bucket and one of the items I keep in it is an electric toothbrush to clean small areas.  Apparently, it had fallen out of the bucket, onto the basement floor. The weight of the dogfood had pressed the button and it was dancing all over the floor! We both had a good laugh and a big sigh of relief.


Spent the remainder of Saturday exploring some of this place and had a great chat with Nancy and Pete.  They are considering a Newmar and had a million questions.  Super friendly.  We exchanged cards and will stay in touch. Here are a few shots from the campground. It will be great to finally get to sleep somewhere where we don’t have to hear a train every few hours. It’s the little things.

Tomorrow we head to Mackinac Island.  Another bucket list item awaits!


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