Lolo Pass, White Bird, & Eagle ID

After checking to be sure the roads we were taking were not closed due to fire, we continued west from Missoula to Idaho.  I have a high school buddy that lives in Eagle and we are scheduled to be for dinner and to catch up a bit.  We made our way thru the Lolo Pass.  The smoke was still pretty heavy.

We decided to stop at the Lolo Pass Visitor center to stretch our legs.  There were a few folks there doing a recreation of how life was back in the early pioneer days.  They were such nice people and eager to answer our questions.  Although, I’m from the south, I don’t know that I have what it takes to live this rough!

Yeah, Lewis and Clark were either insane or badasses. IMG_8379

Not much further following The Salmon River and we arrived at our overnight stop Swiftwater RV Park.  It is a small 20 site park located right on the river.  It was very peaceful listening to the rushing water.  IMG_4267

Leaving early the next morning we continued south towards Eagle, ID.  The smoke was still heavy and we drove through lots of areas that had be ravaged by fire.

We arrived Hi Valley mid afternoon and set up shop for the week. This is a very well maintained “cement” park with LOTS of permanent residents.

Mark has a day trip to Dallas this week so I will get to see the “big” Boise airport. Not much to report on Boise.  Other than we had a busy work week so didn’t site see. My friend David is a math teacher and was getting ready for school to start back so he could play tour guide.  We did get a chance to meet for dinner and I got to meet his youngest son.  I was nice to see and old friend.


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