Ground Zero for the Total Eclipse & The Craters of the Moon

So as is custom by now, we were off to our next Saturday overnight with a Sunday drive to our weekly location.  I had a reservation for Mountain Village in Stanley, ID.   It is by mere happenstance that was also the weekend for the total eclipse and Stanley happens to be ground zero for Totality.  Only one problem.  We were only supposed to stay one night (saturday) and the eclipse was on Monday.  They were more than happy to let us stay one extra night for $200!!!!  Can’t blame them though.  This town of 63.  Yes, not a typo, sixty three.  Now has thousands in town to watch the eclipse.  They are making the cash while they can.  They even named eclipse beer for the occasion.


This is a beautiful town with unbelievably FAST internet and cell coverage! Yay!  We had heard great things about Stanley Baking Company from an RV friend we met in Boise. It was just a short walk down the street from the campground.  Of course in a town of 63?, everywhere is a short walk. IMG_4287

So Monday rolls around and the excitement was electric.  So many people had traveled from far and near to see the “event”. As the darkness fell, it got really cold up there!  Hundreds of people all cheering with Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon” blasting over some speakers. When it was over they changed the music to “Here Comes the Sun”.   It was great.


Our neighbors were really awesome. Brett Eshelman and his wife were kind enough to share a book he had written “Talk Story”.  They even included us in the Champagne toast during the height of the eclipse.  We didn’t stay long after that because we needed to make it to Idaho Falls before dark.

We wanted to see the Craters of the Moon on the way so we went due south on State Route 75. I can tell you that was the first time I have been COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT AND THOUGHT WE WERE GONNA DIE! The road is very steep and hairpin turns.  Not at all RV “friendly”.  I went in the back (which didn’t make it any better), but I thought I shouldn’t cry in front of Mark while he was trying to concentrate.

One Hundred miles later…..we began to see the strangest black rock all around.  Welcome to the craters of the moon.  Mark and I thought it looked like a giant had run a tiller through the ground.  I thought it looked like enormous piles of asphalt.

Mark finally says: “I gotta pull over and check it out”.  It is basically lava rock and we had read in some areas you can pull up the rock and there is ice underneath.  It was probably the weirdest landscape I’ve seen.  IMG_4343

Now on to Idaho Falls! IMG_8465


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